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hotel group business closing secrets

Closing Secrets Every Hotel Sales Manager Needs to Know

The most successful hotel sales managers and directors don’t wait until the end to make the close. They’re working the close from Day One. Modern meeting planners are savvy buyers and aren’t easily swayed by standard tactics. So, don’t stop viewing the close as a ‘make it or break it’ moment. Provide value, grounded advice, … READ MORE

Under-The-Radar Meeting Destinations to Book in 2018

Today’s meeting attendees consider more than just mingling and education when mulling over whether or not to attend an event. More and more, they are acting like leisure travelers, looking beyond the meeting agenda and basing their decision on the remarkable experiences the destination offers. They want signature hometown cuisine, regional craft brews, local arts … READ MORE

How GroupSync for Venues Boosted My RevPAR

A large group, 2,000 people on its peak night, needed to move to a location within driving distance of a majority of their attendees. That meant finding a new location and new property.  Using GroupSync’s Digital Marketing Platform, we enhanced our property profile which allowed us to highlight the value patterns and the unique amenities … READ MORE

How GroupSync Delivered a New Customer.

A small group of approximately 100 met every December in Orlando for years. They were very happy with the affordable nature of Orlando during the slow pre-Christmas rush winter months. A CEO change caused their meeting date to move to January. A quick look at anticipated rates on GroupSync for January, one of the highest … READ MORE

How GroupSync and My Meeting Advisor Boosted My ROI

Our largest event, 2,000 people on its peak night, needed to move to a location within driving distance of a majority of our attendees. This meant I needed to find a new location and a new property.  Using GroupSync, my Meeting Advisors helped me identify hotels, locations, and dates that were the most affordable.  In … READ MORE