Cost-Saving Strategies That Drastically Boost Meeting Budgets

Smart strategies to stretch your meeting budget

While event and meeting budgets have slowly been on the rise, companies have not stopped their fervent chase for cost-savings. So, whatever size event budget you have, your organization will continue to scrutinize every cost and payment. And, will expect you to be nimble and ruthless when getting the most out of every dollar. Here’s … READ MORE

Venue Insights (1st Quarter 2017)

The Latest Hotel News Impacting Your Events Powered by Groups360 Key Points Markets such as Miami, Seattle, and Nashville, are seeing major increases in hotel construction and will be hot destinations to find value. Hotels are facing increasing costs, including labor. Keep an eye out for surcharges or reduced service levels. Marriott (post-Starwood merger) now … READ MORE

Stay Sane In a Crazed Life As An Event Planner

The pressures of meeting and event planning are no joke. There are hundreds of people to contact. Thousands of details to work through. And, not enough people to help you manage it all. In fact, year after year, event and meeting planning consistently places near the top of the list of the most stressful careers, … READ MORE

Should You Outsource Meeting Planning?

Third-Party Planners: Yay or Nay?

Today, many organizations, government agencies, associations, and corporations are faced with diminishing budgets and overstretched staff.  As a result, they consider outsourcing vital tasks, including meeting and event management needs. As the person in charge of your company’s events, conferences, meetings, or trade shows, you’ve mostly likely asked yourself this question: To outsource or not … READ MORE