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How Groupsync for Planners Saved the Day

My small group of approximately 100 met every December in Orlando for years. We were very happy with the affordable nature of Orlando during the slow pre-Christmas rush winter months. A CEO change caused our meeting date to move to January. A quick look at RatePredictor on GroupSync for January, one of the highest demand … READ MORE

Give value to meeting planners

Think You’re Offering Value to Meeting Planners? Think Again.

Every group is different. Every meeting planner is unique. Every event comes with it’s own set of objectives, attendee patterns, and complications. Then, why do most group sales managers continue to sell their hotel the same way, over and over again, no matter the group? Here’s the kicker: Meeting planners know they are being sold … READ MORE

5 Hotel Group Sales Secrets Every Meeting Planner Should Know

Hotels understand the importance of building strong relationships with meeting planners. They encourage their sales team to be creative with coming up with solutions, flexible in meeting execution, and transparent with their transactions. However, hotel group sales is still – at its core – a business. They still have a bottom line to look after. … READ MORE

Is Data Really the Secret to Booking More Meetings?

Most hotel sales managers turn to comp spa treatments, elaborate F&B experiences and peppy follow-up calls to close group business. But the rise in group data and meeting analytics is changing the game. Hotels are sharpening up and leveraging group business data to supercharge their conversions. Knowledge is indeed power and the right data can … READ MORE

how hotels evaluate groups

Hotel Insider: How Hotels Really Evaluate Your Group

Booking the ideal venue for your meeting or special event is not solely your decision. The hotel is vetting and selecting your group just as much as you are assessing them. While it can seem that hotel sales managers usually bend over backward to win your business, they also have their eye on the bottom … READ MORE