Proposals that Meeting Planners Love

Which group sales proposals usually make it to the top of the pile? A templated proposal that sounds like every other hotel, brimming with business clichés and corporate speak? Or, a proposal that reflects the personality of the hotel sales manager AND offers targeted solutions to the planner’s concerns? To hit your sales goals, your … READ MORE

7 Ways to Revitalize Generic Group Business Marketing

Are your once-successful group business marketing efforts not producing as many leads and interest? It’s not surprising. Too often, hotels settle for recycling their groups sales and marketing assets year after year, instead of giving them the deep overhaul they deserve. Don’t fall into the tempting trap of merely updating your current sales kit with … READ MORE

Making meetings easier

The Tennessean, Jan 5, 2017

On the occasion of the New Year, we were honored with a terrific article in The Tennessean. The headline does a great job of capturing our mission here – to make meetings easier (for everyone involved).  I’m so proud of the great work our team did in 2016.  We did amazing work for our clients (both … READ MORE

Enter: Smart Sourcing Technology


My last couple of posts have focused on how searching and shopping for meeting venues is stuck in the dark ages.   In my posts I have begun to describe that planners deserve a better solution, and how our differentiated strategy delivers better results. This week, I want to talk about our value added technology. Technology … READ MORE

Lucy was right. Different is better!


You may recall the picture in my last post showed my VERY unhappy daughter posing for a family picture at Disney World.   She was frustrated that her unreasonable parents (that’s me!) were forcing her to take a picture in front of Cinderella’s castle.  Why did we have to do what EVERYONE ELSE was doing?!?! From … READ MORE