Is Data Really the Secret to Booking More Meetings?

Most hotel sales managers turn to comp spa treatments, elaborate F&B experiences and peppy follow-up calls to close group business. But the rise in group data and meeting analytics is changing the game. Hotels are sharpening up and leveraging group business data to supercharge their conversions. Knowledge is indeed power and the right data can … READ MORE

Hotel Insider: How Hotels Really Evaluate Your Group

how hotels evaluate groups

Booking the ideal venue for your meeting or special event is not solely your decision. The hotel is vetting and selecting your group just as much as you are assessing them. While it can seem that hotel sales managers usually bend over backward to win your business, they also have their eye on the bottom … READ MORE

How to Qualify Group Leads In a Sea of RFPs

Not converting as much group business as you expected to this year? Before you start pointing fingers at any particular sales manager, consider this: Your hotel may be receiving TOO MANY leads. Right now, hotel sales departments are drowning in RFPs – qualified or not. This is caused by meeting planners casting out a wide … READ MORE

Be Smarter and Sharper Than Your Hotel Comp Set

Not all hotels are created equal. And, neither are customers. Today, most meeting planners aren’t privy to hotel availability and pricing. So, they end up fanning their RFP across the country, hoping to find that perfect venue amongst hundreds (if not thousands) of options. This has been the norm for years. Our team has collective … READ MORE

Why It Takes So Long to Find the Right Meeting Venue

A meeting planner’s most time-consuming priority is finding a meeting venue with the right space and rooms, at the right price, in the right destination. From researching cities, to sending out RFPs, to collecting responses, to visiting properties for site inspections, to creating a short list, to negotiations…it’s easy to see why choosing an event … READ MORE