Proposals that Meeting Planners Love

Which group sales proposals usually make it to the top of the pile? A templated proposal that sounds like every other hotel, brimming with business clichés and corporate speak? Or, a proposal that reflects the personality of the hotel sales manager AND offers targeted solutions to the planner’s concerns? To hit your sales goals, your … READ MORE

20 Twitter Hashtags For Meeting Planners

By Kemp Gallineau, CEO, EventaGlobal Keeping up with the change in the meeting industry is a challenge for anyone. Even on Twitter, it’s hard to track all the news. Hashtags simplify the process a little, but you still need to know where to look for the right information. I’ve put together this list of 20 … READ MORE

First EventaGlobal Summit Focuses on Core Values

By Tim Flors, COO, EventaGlobal EventaGlobal is only a few months old, yet we have grown quickly to nearly 30 full-time employees working across the country. With so much new happening in the organization — new peers, new strategies, new products – we knew how important it was to get the entire team on the … READ MORE