Training Videos for Meeting Planners - Groups360

GroupSync Videos for Meeting Planners

How to Create a New Event

How to Designate Preferred Destinations

How to Add Meeting Dates & Assign Room Budgets

How to Calculate and Plan Meeting Space

How to Set Destination Preferences

How to Assign Direct Flight Preferences

How to Set Hotel Preferences

How to Prioritize Locations with your Desired Amenities

How to View Preferred Destinations

How to Explore Destinations

How to View Qualifying Hotels on a Map

How to Compare Competing Destinations

How to View Recommended Destinations

How to Sort Destinations by Region or Market

How to Focus on Specific Properties within Selected Destinations

How to View and Interpret Individual Properties

How to Filter for Meeting Spaces and Property Location Compared to Geographic Points of Interest

How to Add Properties to RFPs and Research Properties with GroupSync Instant Booking Capability

How to View Event Summary Page

How to Share your Summary Page and Add Comments

How to Finalize Your RFP