Our largest event, 2,000 people on its peak night, needed to move to a location within driving distance of a majority of our attendees. This meant I needed to find a new location and a new property. 

Using GroupSync, my Meeting Advisors helped me identify hotels, locations, and dates that were the most affordable.  In minutes, GroupSync helped narrow the search to Washington DC.  We further narrowed the search to periods when we knew hotels needed group business the most.  

We found a low occupancy period which allowed us to create a win-win for both our organization and the hotel.  We offered them an opportunity with our large group to fill their entire hotel over their important need period.  In return, we obtained a discounted rate.  

The result?  We boosted attendance after several years of drop-off by finding a new location that was exactly what our attendees wanted. Without GroupSync we would not have found this new market and saved over $30 per room, totaling $150,000 for our event.