One hotelier recently shared…

“A large group, 2,000 people on its peak night, needed to move to a location within driving distance of a majority of their attendees. That meant finding a new location and new property.

Using GroupSync’s Digital Marketing Platform, we enhanced our property profile which allowed us to highlight the value patterns and the unique amenities of our hotel. The planner narrowed their search to Washington DC based on our market dynamics they saw in GroupSync.

Since our property need dates aligned with the customer’s event dates, we were quickly matched to this planner and received a Certified Market Lead (CML). The CML indicated we had a high probability of winning the business. Our Sales Manager made it their top priority and we successfully won a new customer.

GroupSync delivered this highly curated lead creating a win-win solution for their attendees and our property.  The result?  The meeting planner drove the attendance they were seeking while we achieved the highest RevPAR in the market due to the sellout.  The rest of the market suffered a dismal 30% occupancy while our employees were thrilled to be working during the event.”