A hotelier recently shared…

“A small group of approximately 100 met every December in Orlando for years. They were very happy with the affordable nature of Orlando during the slow pre-Christmas rush winter months. A CEO change caused their meeting date to move to January.

A quick look at anticipated rates on GroupSync for January, one of the highest demand periods for Orlando, told the planner they needed to move the meeting to save their budget.

But where to go? They wanted to preserve the mild climate for their meeting, they wanted it to be easily accessible by air from Orlando, they needed first-class resort amenities, and they needed it to be as affordable as Orlando in December.

Using GroupSync, this meeting planner discovered that our market was the right answer. Our DMO was offering incentives to visit Houston and we were positioned well to compete with Orlando.

Bottom Line:

We were able to quickly contract with this qualified and interested meeting planner. For Houston and our property… we unplugged a meeting from another market and created a new relationship with a valuable corporate client for ongoing meetings with us.”