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Hotel Sales Organizations

Give better advice and win more group business in less time. GroupSync stands apart from the legacy systems currently available to your customers and provides useful, time-saving insights during the venue sourcing and booking process. After event planners indicate in GroupSync that you are their brand GSO, you will be copied on every RFP they send—no more chasing down credit on leads.

Work smarter, not harder.

GroupSync curates a list of hotel properties best suited to your customer’s needs and preferences. With smarter, more precise results, you can work more efficiently. From sourcing to contract, GroupSync averages 19 days, compared to the industry average of 77 days.

Eliminate spam, convert more leads.

Unlike legacy platforms, GroupSync provides buyers and sellers complete, transparent and unbiased information. Informed meeting planners send higher quality RFPs, which book faster and convert at a higher rate. Lead conversion averages 20%, compared to 2% in legacy systems.

Be an expert advisor.

Collaborate with your customers in GroupSync. We aggregate a world of data to show you properties, amenities, estimated hotel rates, expected occupancy levels, available and relevant incentives, local weather, and other market insights you can’t as easily access anywhere else.

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