Don’t Go It Alone.

Easily Build Your PerfectMeeting™ with GroupSync to Gain an Edge.

Planning meetings and events is hard.

Too hard. The stakes are high in these complex transactions. How do I select the right suppliers?

We empower you with information.

Our exclusive technology provides insights to quickly match your event to best-fit markets and hotels.

Meeting Advisors show you how.

Our team can guide your journey to build your PerfectMeeting, maximizing your event’s value.

Find the RIGHT PLACE with GroupSync for Planners.

Destinations curated based on your priorities and preferences.
Instant market comparisons allows you to discover destinations you may have never considered.
Essential pricing information helps you make fast, informed decisions.
Save money with special incentives from suppliers matching your priorities.
Select the best matched properties for your event.
Unique reporting produces transparency for decision-makers and saves time.

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