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Your Hotel is Ready to be Booked on GroupSync™

Marriott International has partnered with Groups360, and their online group-booking solution GroupSync.  As a part of this partnership, your property can receive RFPs and Instant Booking* requests from GroupSync.

GroupSync Benefits

Get more relevant RFPs from planners – GroupSync provides planners with market data and expanded property details that help make sourcing a better, faster experience for all.

A level playing field – When planners search for hotels, results are scored and ranked based on how well they match the event criteria entered into GroupSync.

Automate with Instant Booking* – Sell 24/7/365 with automated booking of smaller groups based on your sales strategy rules.

Sell meeting space and more – Add audiovisual, supplies and catering options to your Instant Booking checkout for planners.

Sales integrated – GroupSync is integrated with Marriott’s sales system (CI/TY, SFAWeb, OneSource) allowing for two-way RFP.  This means the RFP information from the planner is received directly into the Marriott system and Marriott sales associate responds within the Marriott system, clicks the Respond to RFP button, and the hotel’s proposal/response is delivered to GroupSync and the customer.


Tell your group story!

Your hotel’s basic profile content within GroupSync is received directly from EPIC. For questions about your property’s profile, please contact Groups360 at [email protected].

*Instant Booking eligible properties only

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About GroupSync

Designed and supported by Groups360, GroupSync™ helps group travel organizers and planners book hotels for groups at the best rates, all around the world. Guestrooms and meeting space for smaller groups and events can be booked directly online with Instant Booking, and for larger groups and events, through a faster, simplified RFP process. Currently, GroupSync Marketplace contains over 200,000 RFP-connected properties, with over 9,000 equipped for Instant Booking.

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