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Groups360 is transforming the way meetings are booked to benefit both event planners and hoteliers. Our online marketplace, GroupSync, is the first truly transparent, efficient and cost-effective platform for sourcing and contracting rooms and venues across a wide selection of hotel brands.

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Our Technology

Whether you’re an event planner or a supplier, now more than ever, you need the right tools to reduce costs and save time. GroupSync simplifies the process of booking hotel rooms and venue space for meetings, conventions, trade shows, and events through proprietary matching algorithms, data-driven insights, and effective tools that empower meeting planners and hoteliers to make smarter, faster, more precise decisions.

Our Investors

These brands believe in Groups360’s mission to transform the searching, sourcing and booking experience for event planners and hoteliers and have invested to accelerate the development of GroupSync. Using GroupSync, meeting and event planners can search for more than 200,000 properties in 225 countries and territories around the world.

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