We are bringing transparency, simplicity and objectivity to group travel for event planners.

Save time and money with a customized search of 200+ destinations and 40,000+ hotels in a matter of seconds. Set criteria that is most important to you, including:

  • Flight Details
  • Room rates
  • Ideal destinations
  • Hotel rating
  • Seasonal weather information
  • Commute distance from airports
  • Available rooms, meeting space, and amenities

Our industry-first GroupSync Market Estimate (our forward-looking pricing estimate) helps you ensure you choose the right markets and get a fair deal.


Define your ideal meeting


After your meeting, keep unparalleled transparency into your meeting spend with GroupSync Analytics.


“GroupSync has completely changed the way we plan the location for our conferences. Without it, we never would have even considered what turned out to be the best possible option for us.”

- Association Meeting Planner

“The GroupSync Market Estimate helped me understand the differences between markets and led us to a better decision.”

- Corporate Meeting Planner

“Working with Groups360 allows our staff to be able to devote more time to membership programming.”

- Association Executive Director

Unparalleled transparency and headache-free simplicity. That’s the Groups360 Guarantee.

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