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Is It Time to Ditch Your Favorite Site Search Method?

Even experienced meeting planners can grapple with finding a venue offering something new and novel. Nailing down the right venue is one of the most critical components in event planning. After all, who wants to attend your event if you’ve chosen someplace expensive, inconvenient or with bad weather? Corporate event planners specifically rely on booking … READ MORE

Clever Ways to Become the Ideal Hotel Partner

Meeting planners don’t want to work with a salesperson. They want a reliable partner in planning. Someone who can brainstorm ideas, come up with realistic solutions, and bring value to the table day in and day out. Delivering value is vital to building this type of relationship clients want. However, most group sales managers wait … READ MORE

ideal booking window

Bad Timing: Are You Sourcing Too Early or Too Late?

When it comes to getting the best meeting package, timing really is everything. Most meeting planners are overworked, juggling overlapping tasks for multiple meetings. It’s not uncommon for planners to fit in sourcing when they have the time or to source at a specific time out of habit. However, the timing of your venue search … READ MORE

Was Your Event Really a Success?

Your meeting went off without any major glitches. But, was it a triumph? No matter your role, you always want to make each meeting more effective than the last. However, determining if an event was a ‘win’ can mean different things to all parties involved. Most meetings have a wide range of stakeholders, from planners … READ MORE

Source Smarter and Faster for FREE Until March 31

Now more than ever, meeting planners and hotels need help in finding the right event and revenue partners. While costs continue to climb, meeting budgets and commissions are decreasing. Through it all, the pressure remains strong. We understand how tedious the process of finding a meeting venue can be. Sourcing can take weeks or months! … READ MORE