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Group booking, simplified

Event planners have long asked for a more direct way to book guest rooms and meeting space for smaller, less complex meetings. Since our founding in 2014, Groups360 has had a singular goal of creating an e-commerce solution that allows planners to book group business as easily as transient travelers book their stays. 

GroupSync Engage is the market’s first integrated direct booking solution for hotels and meeting planners. Now, you can source with an RFP at any hotel or book guest rooms, meeting space or both in a single, secure online transaction at participating hotels.

Live Inventory

No more waiting days or weeks on RFP responses for your next board meeting. Now you can instantly book the guest rooms and meeting space you need. Participating hotels connect their inventory to GroupSync to offer you real-time availability.

Best Rates 

Choose the number of rooms you need per room type. Displayed prices are the hotel’s best group rates so you can book with confidence. After adding rooms to your cart, you can choose meeting spaces, catering and amenities.


GroupSync Engage makes booking small meetings as easy and straightforward as other forms of online shopping. Once you have made your selections, you can use a credit card to check out via a secure, GDPR- and PCI-compliant payment gateway.

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