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You host the world and deliver unforgettable events. You are also on the lookout for ways to drive revenue in the face of growing competition and rising distribution costs. GroupSync streamlines the group sales process and delivers high quality leads with double-digit conversion rates. Maximize your property’s potential by putting the right message in front of the right customer, every time.

Higher conversion

When it comes to RFPs, more is not always better. GroupSync eliminates the RFP spam from unqualified leads that buries your team and wastes your efforts. As a result of quality over quantity, lead conversion averages 20%, compared to 2% in legacy systems.

Increased efficiency

Lack of transparency, reliable information and trust between event planners and hotels has created an inefficient process that’s endured for far too long. GroupSync facilitates smarter, more precise results so you can work more efficiently. Time saved can be better spent booking more business.

Lower costs

Lead scoring tools within legacy systems only add to your cost of sales. With GroupSync, well informed prospects equipped with market data essentially score themselves. We even calculate your match score based on how a planner’s preferences align with your property.

Showcase your hotel

GroupSync offers destination and property matching uncluttered by paid placements irrelevant to an event planner’s dates and logistical needs. The Marketplace Advantage Program, however, empowers you to stand out among the listings by featuring the best your hotel has to offer.

Spotlight your incentives

Optimize promotions and monetize low-occupancy periods. Your offers are displayed to planners when their event dates and specifications qualify. No other platform makes it as easy and effective to target your incentives to the right buyers at the right time.

Attract better leads

Win new business in less time. You can update your need dates and promotions and monitor your progress in as little as an hour a month. Your offers could make the difference between a planner’s choice of brand and property.

Grow revenue with better groups business

Our Investors

These brands believe in Groups360’s mission to transform the searching, sourcing and booking experience for event planners and hoteliers and have invested to accelerate the development of GroupSync. Using GroupSync, meeting and event planners can search for more than 200,000 properties in 225 countries and territories around the world.

The most qualified leads in the industry.

See how GroupSync benefits your hotel.