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Manage Attendee Housing

Ditch the rooming list

Spend your time on something other than maintaining spreadsheets with myriad attendee details and last-minute changes. With GroupSync Housingyou can save time and effort while giving your attendees a memorable experience. Exchange the rooming list for a unique event-branded website instead — you will impress attendees who can make their own reservations, while consolidating all bookings and changes in one place. The process streamlines communication, eliminates potential data-entry errors, and elevates the guest experience, while also providing you with real-time access to reports on room pickup and attrition.

Attendee Housing 

A unique event-branded website simplifies group reservations for you and your attendees. Automated notifications keep all parties up to date on booking activity. Special offers will keep attendees engaged while you focus on other important event details.

Event Reporting

Take control of attendee management. Now you can see your room block pickup at a glance and in real time. Dashboard reporting keeps you informed and helps you manage your room block so you can avoid attrition.

Event Management

For a truly end-to-end solution, you also have access to technology that simplifies event management and customizes event experiences for attendees, speakers and exhibitors. The software blends offline event activity with digital marketing for ongoing engagement with your brand or organization.

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