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Who We Are

Our Story

Groups360 was founded in 2014 by former senior executives from Gaylord Entertainment Company with decades of experience in the hospitality industry. As hoteliers themselves, they knew the meetings and events space firsthand, along with the convoluted and inefficient booking process that has plagued the industry for 40 years.

We're Better Together

Groups360 hires new team members from a variety of industries and specialties — technology, sales, customer success and more.
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Thoughts on Year-End Stress

Scientists have proven that the only way to avoid burnout is to balance stress with relaxation. Your mind and body will eventually crash if the amount of time you spend relaxing — sleeping, reading, exercising, vacationing — doesn't match the time spent under chronic or acute stress.

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7 Infographics to Help With Your Next Meeting

This post features seven infographics about meeting and event planning curated from Pinterest. Most of them focus on event technology, including social media marketing, website development, and how technology impacts the way potential attendees choose meetings and events. We also touch on sponsor needs and overall event planning.