Frequently Asked Questions for Gifting

Q: What are vouchers or gift offers and how are they used in the hotel and hospitality industry?

A: Vouchers or gift offers allow a guest or a business to purchase packaged experiences or monetary gift amounts for themselves, as a gift to a friend, colleague or loved one to use at a future date.

Q: Why would a hotel offer gift vouchers?

A: Gift vouchers and experiences are a great way to increase revenue and offer a new source of income. It’s a sell today, redeem tomorrow form of cash flow, along with a branding opportunity to create and offer packages that exemplify your brand.

Q: What is the GroupSync Gifting solution?

A: GroupSync Gifting is a specialized feature within GroupSync that allows hoteliers to boost revenue, improve productivity and build brand equity by packaging experiences or services for sale online. Everything is managed, sold and redeemed within the platform without any additional equipment required.

Q: How does GroupSync Gifting work for the hotel?

A: Hoteliers can assemble any variety of goods or services into a package for sale. An example is an overnight stay + meal + golf where rooms and amenities are bundled, sold today and redeemed in the future.

Q: Am I limited to the number of outlets that I can promote in my hotel?

A: No, you’re not. Hoteliers may promote as many outlets or amenities that are available in their property or collaborate with nearby attractions such as golf clubs or restaurants nearby.

Q: How does GroupSync Gifting work for customers?

A: The guest can search the hotel branded gifting website for a gifting experience or browse by category, for example, a hotel stay or dining experience. The guests can choose whether the experience is being purchased for themselves or as a gift and have the voucher delivered digitally or by mail.

Q: Why should hoteliers offer this service to organizations or businesses?

A: Because organizations and businesses, equally, want to offer experiences to their employees and customers. It’s a way for businesses to be able to either ingratiate themselves with their employees or use it as a marketing tool to attract new customers. GroupSync Gifting makes it simple to purchase bulk by a business too.

Q: How do hoteliers get started with GroupSync Gifting?

A: The process is quite simple:

1. Contact us at [email protected] to sign up.

2. Execute our service agreement.

3. Participate in an onboarding session.

4. Start creating and uploading products while we complete your setup and build your e-commerce application. Here is a live example

Q: Why is today an important decision time?

A: Since gift-giving peaks from November – January, during the holiday season, you will want to launch quickly and benefit from this peak selling season. Although, vouchers add revenue to hotels year-round.

Q: What are the costs to the hotelier?

A: You may launch your GroupSync voucher program for a small start-up fee and only pay a small percentage of your actual sales with a 12-month contract.

Q: What other hoteliers have used GroupSync Gifts successfully?

A: Hotel properties around the world are benefitting from GroupSync Gifting, such as Marriott International, Sheraton Hotels and Resorts, Fairmont Hotels and Intercontinental Hotel Group.

Q: What type of hotels can best use or benefit from this program?

A: Hotels that have multiple outlets, like spas and restaurants, have the opportunity for greater sales volumes because they have a greater breadth or variety of experiences to offer. But, everyone can benefit from the program in some way even if it’s offering price-off for future stays without the headache of discount coupons.

Q: How long does the setup process take?

A: Hoteliers can be up and running within a week.

Q: How do I redeem or refund vouchers?

A: We have a very simple redemption portal. The purchaser or recipient shops or redeems the voucher themself. Hotels can log in and quickly refund or reverse a transaction through the hotel portal.

Q: What type of currencies and payment types are accepted?

A: GroupSync Gifting can be established using most major global currencies and works with most leading credit card processing gateways. We also support the most popular global payment providers, including Stripe, Adyen and FreedomPay.