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Marketplace Advantage Program

You know how hard it is to find and book the right meetings and events. From banner ads to paid placements, meeting marketing doesn’t add up and definitely doesn’t pay back, especially when other platforms keep raising prices. You need affordable, effective tools to market your message to planners sourcing properties. Attract the best meetings as a GroupSync Marketplace Advantage partner.

Tell a better story

When all else is equal between hotels, how will you stand out? Enhance your property profile with differentiating details that give you an edge, such as unlimited photos, sales brochures, awards, renovations, menus, and other details planners need to make their decision.

Attract better leads

Add targeted promotions and need dates to attract planners who might not have considered your brand or property. Incentives are presented based on the buyer’s event dates and specifications. Your offers could make the difference between winning or losing the group.

How you benefit

  • Convert leads 7X higher than other channels.
  • Avoid spam RFPs and win real deals.
  • Deliver incentives to the right buyers, targeted and timed.
  • Affordable 12-month subscription that’s easy to budget and measure.

Grow revenue with better groups business

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