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Gift Certificates & Vouchers

Use gifting to generate cash flow

GroupSync Gifting is an e-commerce solution that enables you to create, sell and manage the redemption of gift voucher packages for instant cash flow. Create custom packages including F&B, staycations, spa services, activities, cash value gift cards and more that you can sell on an attractive hotel-branded website. Attract new customers, increase brand awareness, and generate immediate revenue with this easy-to-deploy program.

Benefits to your hotel:

  • Sell gift vouchers online for instant cash flow 
  • Sell virtually anything, anytime, anywhere 
  • Manage bulk and complimentary vouchers 
  • Save time and reduce numerous manual processes 
  • No technical skills required for immediate launch

Take advantage of pent-up travel demand. Allow guests to buy now, redeem later. 

Offer Variety

Sell staycations to would-be travelers seeking an escape. Impress customers with dining or bar experiences, as well as afternoon tea. Your customers can reward their new hires or departing employees or give gifts to staff at annual holiday parties. You can even sell gift certificates as birthday presents or vouchers for wedding packages and other events.

Manage Redemption

Sell large quantities and deliver within seconds, not weeks. Upload a list of recipients to send personalized emails with each voucher or send vouchers by mail as beautifully wrapped packages. Replace refunds with vouchers to reduce your outflow of cash. GroupSync Gifting also removes tedious manual processes associated with complimentary vouchers, reducing your workload by more than 80%.

Track Results

Your hotel-branded website integrates with your merchant account to accept payments for instant cash flow, more control and easier reporting. You can set up unlimited promotion codes to manage discounts for members and track the efficacy of sales campaigns. Reporting tools provide a full audit trail of every order to reduce manual reporting and improve compliance.

GroupSync Optimize Drives Revenue

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