7 Infographics to Help With Your Next Meeting

by | Nov 7, 2014 | For Organizers

Fourth quarter is the busiest time in the meeting industry as we all try to wrap up the year successfully.

At the same time, it’s never too early to begin planning for the next year.

This post features seven infographics about meeting and event planning curated from Pinterest. Most of them focus on event technology, including social media marketing, website development, and how technology impacts the way potential attendees choose meetings and events. We also touch on sponsor needs and overall event planning.

Find inspiration in these infographics for your next meeting or event.

Sample social media plan for events

This infographic is a good outline for developing the first draft of your social media plan for events. It includes ideas for what do to before, during and after your event for the major social media networks and your blog.

See the infographic on Pinterest.

The social event

This infographic goes into more detail about how corporate event planners are using social media. Make sure to check out the do’s and don’ts for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn.

See the infographic on Pinterest.

Anatomy of an effective event website

A great website is an important first step to attracting attendees, selling tickets, and meeting your attendance goals. This infographic includes many recommendations for your next event website. Responsive design — how your website adapts to mobile phones and tablets — is something your potential attendees will expect.

See the infographic on Pinterest.

Event marketing from A to Z

Here’s another great infographic that covers many of the digital and online marketing projects to consider for your next event. Make sure to review the follow-up recommendations for once your event is over.

See the infographic on Pinterest.

How technology is changing events

We all have to keep up with technology and especially how our customers use it. This infographic delves into the impact of technology on events and how technology is changing potential attendees’ buying habits.

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What sponsors want

Almost every event needs sponsors, and those sponsors have goals these events have to meet. This infographic does a nice job of covering what sponsors want, what they hope to accomplish, and how they measure the value of sponsorships.

See the infographic on Pinterest.

Anatomy of a successful event

This infographic is a good reminder of everything that goes into making a successful event. It’s a good refresher to make sure that your checklists are up to date.

See the infographic on Pinterest.

Looking for more?

If you like these infographics, then you may want to check out this Pinterest board for many more.

Of course, if you need help planning for next year, then contact us today. We’ll be glad to help you make it your best year yet.