5 real-life reasons to book a hotel room block

by | Aug 7, 2023 | For Organizers

When you have the task of arranging a hotel for a group event, you’ll quickly find yourself emersed in a world of information gathering, RFPs, and hotel proposals that need to be collected, analyzed, and compared as you search for the perfect hotel for your group event.

After all, you want to ensure you get the best group rate, a great location, and the amenities you need.

It’s a lot to juggle and manage. And there are plenty of hotel considerations to keep in mind when trying to make your crew happy:

● Room rates
● Location
● Availability
● Climate
● Amenities
● Property style
● Nearby activities

Depending on your group event, you may have even more considerations, but group rates, location, and availability are likely at the top of your list.

Pro Tip: It’s helpful to know that hotels consider a group to be 10+ rooms.

If you’ve ever tried to book 10+ guestrooms at once, you’ve likely experienced the challenges of how hotels manage group reservations.

Even your common Google search or online travel booking website will force you down a path of complex RFPs and time-consuming effort—the after effects of not having all your information centralized.

This is the exact reason why we created GroupSync, to simplify the group hotel booking process—for pro and non-pro planners alike.

GroupSync – book a group stay like a planning pro

When it comes time to find and book a hotel for your group, you’ll want the process to be easy and efficient…much like online shopping. GroupSync is all you need to search, shop, and book your hotel.

And with GroupSync, you get two ways to book, depending on your group’s size.

GroupSync Instant Booking

For smaller groups, you’ll be able to take advantage of Instant Booking—the fastest and easiest way to reserve your room block…even meeting space if needed.

If you’re looking to book 10-25 hotel rooms with a short booking window and want the convenience of online shopping, GroupSync’s got you covered. Best thing is, there’s no RFP process, you book immediately, and lock in your group rate.

GroupSync Smart RFP

And if your group event is on the larger size, GroupSync’s RFP process is a simpler way to book more than 25 guestrooms. Great thing is you’ll only create one RFP to send to all your short-listed hotels, and we made the overall booking timeframe shorter than what others can deliver.

Whether it’s your first time working with an RFP (Request for Proposal) or you’re a tried-and-true event planning professional, GroupSync Smart RFP simplifies the process.

GroupSync – perfect for anyone planning a group trip

There’s always an occasion to get a group together or to travel with friends and family. Consider the top everyday reasons to book a group, which one fits your need this year?


Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Event #1 – Friend Trip

Find yourself organizing a fun friend trip? Reconnecting with those you haven’t seen in a while? Whether your planning a bachelorette weekend, friend reunion, girls’ or guys’ weekend; you’ll have a ton of decisions to make.

GroupSync can make the hotel planning easier, starting with your destination city if suggestions are needed. Then, search hotels with the on-site amenities, nearby activities and points of interest to stay close to the action and minimize your transportation logistics.

Event #2 – DIY Wedding

Flowers, location, and gowns, oh my. Wedding planning can be fun and a little overwhelming, especially if you’re planning it all yourself.

Fortunately, you can simplify your guestrooms and venue planning with GroupSync. Search for the most relevant hotels by location, dates, amenities, and of course, your budget. There’s no need to wade through hotels that don’t meet your needs, GroupSync will score and rank your results based on what matters most to you.

You can even share your shortlisted hotels with your friends and family to get some help with your decision. Once you choose your hotel, you can use Instant Booking for smaller weddings between 10-25 guestrooms or use GroupSync Smart RFP for larger weddings.

Either way, ensure you understand the group attrition clause and tips to avoid penalties during your special time.

Event #3 – Team Sports Travel

Are you a coach or parent helping to make hotel arrangements for a sporting event? Away games and sports tournaments require family-friendly accommodations like on-site breakfast options and a swimming pool for keeping everyone entertained in their downtime.

You can discover what’s available within your destination with just a few clicks. GroupSync makes it easy to find the perfect hotel for your sporting event, even if you’re needing a heated pool in the middle of winter.

Event #4 – Family Reunion Time

Planning a small, medium, or large family reunion often requires travel and a need for hotel accommodations…no matter if it’s a local reunion or at some other destination.

You’ll also need to accommodate multiple age groups, interests, and different accessibility requirements. Keep everyone comfortable by inputting your criteria into GroupSync and find suitable accommodations in minutes.

Event #5 – The Group Amusement Park Trip

Planning to take a large family or group to an amusement park? You’ll probably need a room block to go with those matching colored t-shirts. GroupSync makes it easy to find your hotel based on proximity to the park, lowest group rates, and any other criteria your thrill enthusiasts will need.

With smaller groups (10-25 rooms), use GroupSync to find everything you need to make immediate reservations with Instant Booking. It’s the fastest and easiest way to book your group stay, even faster than that roller coaster you’re having second thoughts about.

There are a lot of real-life reasons when you’ll need to book group accommodations. GroupSync will make the booking process easier so you can focus on other aspects of your trip. If you want to simplify your group hotel reservations and get the best group rates for your event, give our online booking marketplace a try—sign up for free today.