Creative Ways to Generate Immediate Income for Your Hotel

by | Apr 14, 2021 | For Hoteliers

When borders closed in places like Singapore to contain the spread of the coronavirus, area hotels could no longer rely on international visitors or groups attending meetings and events. As a result, hoteliers have had to think up creative ways to drive revenue despite the restrictions.

After automating housing promotions and voucher sales at the end of 2020, InterContinental Singapore received a needed boost to revenue and cash flow, while reducing booking costs and expanding the hotel’s customer base.

Vouchers generate immediate cash flow

When Gerrit Luchau, director of sales and marketing for InterContinental Singapore, discovered technology designed to optimize hotel revenue, he and his team came up with creative ways to “put it through its paces.”

After implementing GroupSync Optimize to create, sell and manage the redemption of gift certificates and vouchers, the hotel processed its first order: 770 vouchers for a travel magazine worth SGD$70,000 in room nights and F&B.

“The whole process took five minutes,” said Luchau. “Considering how we used to manually print, process, and track vouchers, this was an immense time saver.”

Since that first order, the hotel has sold thousands more vouchers and prepaid wedding packages, generating approximately $408,800 between October 2020 and March 2021.

Housing tools drive room sales

To entice local residents to visit the property, InterContinental Singapore experimented with experience-led promotions that centered on suites and deluxe rooms, niche communities, dog lovers and “work from hotel” options.

Luchau’s team maximized exposure through social media channels and key opinion leaders who were influential among travelers. The various housing promotions generated almost SGD$446,000 over the course of six months, while saving countless staff hours inputting reservations and accepting payment details.

Hotels of all sizes can benefit from the ingenuity demonstrated by InterContinental Singapore. Learn more about housing tools and voucher sales for your hotel.

Originally published on Boutique Hotelier.