The biggest fears among professional planners and how you can overcome them

by | Oct 11, 2022 | For Organizers

For 6 consecutive years, event planning was ranked as one of the most stressful jobs on Earth.

That’s scary. But you already knew that.

After hearing the horror stories of many professional planners, similar themes appeared to be woven into the web of various tasks, budgets, preparation, and more.

Luckily, we have a comparable solution to each common fear we’ve often heard as it relates to booking hotels for groups, meetings and events.

Fear #1: Wasting time searching and sourcing hotels for your group

Booking a hotel for your group or event can be a time-consuming and challenging process for a variety of reasons. You want the best possible deal on every detail; rooms, meeting space, amenities, travel accommodations, and the list is always varied. Plus, where you find your group-focused hotel information can be tricky and scattered.

Getting your information from a single resource that’s not named Google is a major aspect of streamlining your planning process. When you’re managing something so large, with various parties, having clear options and quick access to your information is the easiest way to organize, manage, and make decisions.


GroupSync Marketplace is a one-stop shop where you can find hotels and meeting spaces that can accommodate your event’s criteria.

Search and compare over 200,000 properties worldwide without irrelevant paid placements or ads. Get market forecasted as well as real-time rates and availability from hotels (without sending an RFP), plus see which hotels offer Instant Booking options for those smaller meetings that can take up too much of your time (spoiler alert).

GroupSync saves you time because it focuses on the needs of group travel organizers and event planners. From one simple online platform, you can book room blocks, a meeting space or both.

Fear #1, conquered!

Fear #2: Bored attendees during off hours

Any host would agree there’s no feeling worse than seeing your attendees yawning, binge-scrolling, or looking for the nearest exit. As a professional planner, it’s simply part of the job to prevent guests from being visibly bored. Sometimes all it takes to excite people is to give them something to look forward to or talk about.

If you want to get the most engagement from your audience, offer them some personalized touches. Even something as simple as convenient, walkable recommendations feels like an emersion in the local culture. People want to experience more today — use that as a motivating tool to get your attendees to participate and enjoy their time.


Get the most entertainment value when choosing properties. GroupSync allows you to search the proximity of your event and find the perfect hotel near the sights and attractions that can enhance your attendees’ experience.

Get creative early with the ability to locate the jewels and hidden gems of the city beforehand. Explore the local flare within your destination and suggest or plan additional activities to enhance your guests’ experience. GroupSync makes it easy to give you hotel options for where you need to be.

Fear #2, buried!

Fear #3: An overwhelming number of small meetings and short timeframes

One of the recently-formed behaviors proving to be consistent is the size of group bookings.

The encouragement of smaller groups has spiked the volume of group travel and the number of bookings. With smaller group travel requests, professional planners are finding they also come with much shorter timeframes to work with.

Planners want speed in RFP responses, but the fastest way to handle RFPs is to not handle them at all. For smaller groups, don’t waste time sending RFPs when you can book your small groups instantly.


Smaller room blocks can be booked in minutes with Instant Booking. It can often take the same amount of time to book a smaller group as it does a larger one, but with fewer guests or attendees, you’ve got options.

More than 7,000 hotels on GroupSync Marketplace are able to offer Instant Booking with real-time rates and availability for your set of dates.

Real-time hotel information is fairly new to group travel, though it’s been a much-needed feature for planners. Not only does Instant Booking provide immediate transactions for a faster and smoother booking process, it also allows you to eliminate the time involved in an otherwise slow, dreadful back-and-forth communication process with hotels.

Fear #3, vanquished!

It’s common for new, digital tools to scare planners away, but GroupSync condenses your challenges without over-complicating your profession. With one technology solution, you can conquer your most daunting fears with every group travel event.