5 examples when instant group booking makes perfect sense

by | Oct 11, 2023 | For Organizers

Instant Booking—the ability to book hotel room blocks and/or meeting space directly online—is finally a reality for the group travel industry.

And although this game-changing feature will have a very positive impact on group travel and meeting planning, this capability is still new to both group travel planners and hoteliers alike.

Putting it plainly, it enables an exciting, industry-wide change in how we think about booking hotels for groups. 

After all, smaller group stays and meetings now represent the majority of all group bookings. And [spoiler alert] smaller groups (10-25 rooms) and meetings (up to 50 attendees) are what GroupSync Instant Booking was designed for.

But this newer way of booking groups leads to the ultimate question travel organizers and planners may have…

“When does booking hotels instantly—vs an RFP or proposal process—make sense for me and my group?”

Well, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll break down our top 5 examples when Instant Booking makes perfect sense for you and your group event, instead of using GroupSync’s Smart RFP.

To see a quick video on how Instant Booking works, click here.


5 examples when booking group hotels instantly makes your life easier

Instant Booking is the fastest, easiest way to secure rooms and meeting space for your group. Suitable for both professional and personal uses, the need and convenience for Instant Booking may be more common than you think.

Let’s walk through our top five examples when Instant Booking is the best way to go.

1. You only need to book a meeting room

THE SCENARIO: The team needs your help with booking an off-site meeting that’s centrally located to all…with some presentation equipment and food/beverage breaks.

Executive assistants and meeting planners have long relied on the traditional phone tag with several hotels, or multiple RFPs just to book a sales kickoff, board meeting, or a team huddle.

While these old-school processes can take days or weeks before anything is contracted, GroupSync can help you solve this issue in minutes.

In GroupSync, you can quickly choose the location, meeting space, select your equipment needs and your catering options—all handled online, without an RFP or contacting the hotel.

2. You only need to book 10-25 sleeping rooms

THE SCENARIO: Maybe you’ve drawn the short straw as the “volunteer” to arrange travel for your kid’s soccer team tournament, a friend’s weekend trip, or perhaps you’ve got team members coming from out of town to visit the office.

Fear not. Booking 10+ sleeping rooms for your small group, no matter the reason, can be done easily with GroupSync. Within minutes, you can search, shop, and book the perfect hotel for your group stay—receiving group rates and availability in real-time as you shop.

3. You need to book a hotel during non-working hours

THE SCENARIO: It’s 10pm on Saturday night and you and your friends decide it’s time to finally book that weekend getaway. No more procrastinating – we’re doing it right here, right now.

Sometimes you need to book a hotel and there’s no one to contact for questions on rates and availability. It may be after hours, or on the weekend…it doesn’t matter, you just need it done on your schedule.

Instantly book what you need, when you need it, and on your own terms. Just like any other typical online purchase, you can tackle the task of booking group rooms or meeting space 24/7.

4. You have MAJOR time constraints and you need to book now!

THE SCENARIO: Oops! You just realized that you need to reserve hotel rooms for an upcoming event. No worries. No one will ever know that you waited until the last minute when you use GroupSync.

Okay, but what if this event is next week?

This is where Instant Booking shines. Since there’s no RFP process to manage, and no direct communication with the hotel sales team, you’re able to book your group instantly online with an immediate confirmation.

5. You need to book a complete meeting with out-of-towners

THE SCENARIO: You need to book an off-site breakfast meeting for the team so they can present the quarterly projections. This meeting’s going to require lots of coffee and snacks!

In a single online booking using GroupSync, you can secure 10-25 guest rooms, meeting space, A/V equipment and catering—everything you need for a complete meeting, all in the same booking.


There you have it, our top examples of when Instant Booking can help you for both personal and professional group needs. Only GroupSync offers Instant Booking for group rooms and meeting space, at scale. To sign up for a FREE GroupSync account, visit groupsync.com/register.