New Ways to Source Quickly and Find Targeted Incentives

by | Aug 5, 2020 | For Organizers

Groups360 continues to develop the GroupSync platform, the most trusted online marketplace for group business. GroupSync now offers an unprecedented suite of solutions for both meeting planners and hoteliers to save time and increase revenues.

Quick Search

For planners who know exactly where they’re going, GroupSync now offers Quick Search. Groups360 provides transparency on best-fit locations, but sometimes planners just need to get their RFP out, stat.

With GroupSync Quick Search, all you need to do is provide your travel dates, your room count, and where you’re going, and the app will take you straight there, which makes it even easier for planners to send an RFP within minutes.

GroupSync will still suggest that planners provide more information about their event in order to receive our recommendations on destinations and venues that fit their programs. Before a planner submits an RFP, GroupSync will also alert the user to any potential conflicts between specific requests and what the hotel can accommodate. All of this together provides a transparent yet flexible method of sourcing hotels and sending RFPs.

Improvements to the RFP form

Groups360 has also modified the look of the online RFP form to accommodate these types of quicker searches.

We will now display meeting space requirements and desired amenities on the form in case you require either of those for your event but had chosen not to provide the information at the beginning of your workflow. And don’t worry — if a hotel you selected isn’t able to accommodate your requests based on the RFP form, we’ll alert you.

The changes also affect the leads the hotel receives. Even though the planner may not have provided all of their event details through Quick Search, hotels will still see that they have a good chance of winning the business based on the fact they were chosen during the quick-search experience.

Find incentives faster

Planners spoke, and Groups360 listened. GroupSync’s interactive map shows properties in relation to other landmarks in a given city, and now planners have the option to see ONLY properties with incentives on that same map.

Finding targeted incentives is one of the advantages of GroupSync — you will only ever see incentives that actually align with your event dates and group specifications. In addition to the new interactive map option, when looking at a property, you can now easily see properties in close proximity that are offering active incentives for your selected event dates.

Stay up to date on hotel protocols

As our industry navigates the pandemic and how to safely conduct a meeting at a hotel, planners need to stay informed about how and to what extent a particular hotel is taking precautions to ensure guest and attendee safety. Now when looking at a property, GroupSync will emphasize these measures with a link to the hotel’s guidelines.

For planners’ easy reference, hotels can post a URL or upload a PDF to their Documents section that outlines the steps the property is taking to maintain their customers’ health and safety. This will ensure planner confidence when they vet hotels for events post-pandemic.

How to access Groups360 technology

Stay tuned for additional enhancements and features — we are here to support hotels and event planners throughout our industry’s ongoing recovery.

GroupSync is free to qualified planners. To see GroupSync in action, request a demo.