The Future of Meeting: A Conversation with Russell Granet, Part 1

by | Aug 4, 2020 | For Hoteliers, For Organizers

As part of an ongoing conversation series, The Future of Meeting, Groups360 founder Dave Kloeppel welcomes a cross section of leaders in live-action events, professional sports, marketing and hospitality for ongoing discussions about the impact of COVID-19.

During this new episode, Dave talks to Russell Granet, president and CEO of New 42, a nonprofit on West 42nd Street in Manhattan whose mission is to empower young people, artists and educators through making the performing arts a vital part of people’s lives from their earliest years onward. 

In this clip, Granet shares how his career has centered on making high-quality art widely accessible, and how the pandemic is affecting the programming of New 42. 

Watch the highlights.

Listen to their full conversation.

The Future of Meeting: A Conversation with Russell Granet

by Dave Kloeppel feat. Russell Granet