10 Tips for More Strategic Venue Sourcing

by | Mar 31, 2021 | For Organizers

Sourcing for late 2021 and beyond? Avoid hours of excess effort, weeks of waiting on responses, and missed opportunities to zero in on the ideal venue.

In this 20-minute webinar, meeting and event planners can gain insights into strategies for more targeted venue and destination sourcing.

You will be equipped with information to bring laser focus to your sourcing process so that you can find the best venues for your meeting program more easily and effectively.

Top 10 Takeaways
  1. Source by targeting destination and hotel results to save time.
  2. Specify your needs upfront, including space, budget and more.
  3. Do your research and create a shortlist before sending an RFP.
  4. Use available technology to be more efficient.
  5. Understand your flex points, e.g., dates, rates, space or destination.
  6. Collaborate before sourcing and receive executive buy-in early on.
  7. Seek data and content to make the best business decisions.
  8. Understand booking windows and buy when hotels want your business.
  9. Take time to get it right before sourcing and save weeks post-sourcing.
  10. Find the best sourcing platform that fits your business needs.

Presented by Ryan Morris, vice president of sales for Groups360, and Git Rossell, consultant with 20 years’ experience in planning and sourcing, this webinar was part of a series by industry leaders featured at RainFocus INSIGHT 2021.

For details, watch the video below.

Learn more about technology to simplify your search and source process.