It’s Time to Ditch the Rooming List

by | Mar 16, 2021 | For Hoteliers, For Organizers

Whenever a corporate event planner organizes a meeting or other event, they have to coordinate a massive amount of logistics and information between the hotel and meeting attendees to ensure the event’s success. If all goes well, no one will even notice the planner was part of the machinery.

If there are any hiccups, however, the consequences could be disastrous.

Sometimes event planners are forced to wait until they have all or most of their guests’ pertinent information before they can send the rooming list to the hotel or resort. This lack of information makes it more difficult for hotels to plan around the numbers and specific requirements of the participants.

The rooming list is an industry relic much in need of a technological overhaul. This glitch in the event machinery creates an avoidable central point of failure and increases the risk of attrition penalties for the event planner.

A much needed housing solution

GroupSync Housing provides hotels and event planners with a much more streamlined communication process. A unique event-branded website allows attendees to book their accommodations directly and gives both the event planner and the hotel a real-time view of reservations in a secure environment.

Hotels can use GroupSync Housing with or without integrating their property management system (PMS). The technology removes a central point of failure in event planning and frees up time and resources for other aspects of the event.

Integration with the PMS reduces the reservation team’s workload by up to 88%, as they no longer have to manually enter group bookings from a spreadsheet.

Even when planners supply the rooming list via spreadsheets, GroupSync includes a feature to import the rooming list, which simplifies the process and reduces what can take hours to do manually to just minutes.

Whether the system is integrated or the rooming list is imported, both processes reduce errors and improve customer communication thanks to confirmation emails sent automatically to each guest as they make their reservations.

Event planning is difficult enough without needing to coordinate reservations and inevitable changes and adjustments for hundreds of delegates. GroupSync reduces the amount of touch points between event planners and attendees, while increasing the personalized experience that hotels are able to offer.

It’s time to stop letting the rooming list be a glitch in your process. Groups360 can show you an easier, more effective way. Take a tour of GroupSync find out how it works.