A More Efficient Way to Manage Room Blocks

by | Sep 2, 2020 | For Hoteliers, For Organizers

Managing housing for group events can be difficult. Beyond negotiating rates and disseminating the pertinent information to participants, attendees always have last-minute changes. Event professionals spend hours, days or even weeks inputting details for individual attendees into a spreadsheet or other document, plus additional time managing special requests and itinerary changes.

When it comes to room block management, it would be far simpler if meeting attendees were able to input their own details into an online booking site that communicates the information directly to the hotel or event planner.

Consider the ways transient travelers book their hotel lodging — they simply visit an online travel agent, choose a hotel and room rate, and confirm their stay. Why can’t it be this convenient for meeting delegates who need to book a reservation in a room block?

Attendee management solutions

GroupSync now makes this possible through newly added room-block management tools. In less than five minutes, hoteliers can set up a room block online according to the details of the group contract and then provide the planner customer with a link to a unique, event-branded booking website.

The planner then sends that link to meeting attendees, who book their own reservations in the room block. When attendees make their reservations directly, it reduces the amount of handling and possibility of transposition errors.

The process eases the administrative burden on both sides of the process. Hotel staff aren’t keying in an entire rooming list days or hours before a group is set to arrive. Without having to manage attendee details, event planners can focus on the value-added aspects of their roles.

Simplify your workflow

The end result of better room block management: Event planners have more capacity to focus on ensuring their events exceed expectations. Attendees are empowered to manage their own reservations, book shoulder nights for an extended stay, and specify personal requests. Everything gets communicated directly to the hotel, easing the workload for all involved.

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